Credits and Acknowledgments

Dictionary entries listed in Word Wiinaq come from many sources; you can see which source a word comes from by hovering over or tapping the acronyms in gold on the word's page. Below is the full list of sources currently in the dictionary.

  • Florence Pestrikoff
  • Jeff Leer, A Conversational Dictionary of Kodiak Alutiiq, 1978
  • Alisha Drabek, Qik'rtarmiut Alutiit'stun Niugneret KRaasiirkii: An Alutiiq Picture Dictionary, 2012
  • Sophie Shepherd
  • Kathryn Chichenoff
  • Language Club
  • Elder Session
  • Nikolai Alokli
  • Stella Krumrey
  • Phyllis Peterson
  • dictionary
  • Community dictionary

Unpublished dictionary entries (mainly those whose source is the name of an individual fluent speaker) are written by many students and teachers of Alutiiq, including Alisha Drabek, Candace Branson, Dehrich Chya, Michael Bach, Julia Fine, and Will Monroe.

The "wiinaq" logo in the top right is based on clipart by StudioFibonacci. (Could you tell without looking up the source that it wasn't a wiinaq, but rather a cuutiilnguq wiinarpak?)

The website itself is designed, implemented, and maintained by Will Monroe.